INDUSTRY Healthcare

YEAR 2016

Spaces, Inc. completed the furniture office design work for the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Public Health (COPH). COPH recently went through a remodel and wanted to upgrade the design of the building’s spaces that reflected their architectural remodel.

The 62,600 square foot project had a mission to select Knoll furniture pieces that created ergonomic learning spaces to inspire innovation and excellence, as per COPH’s vision. The areas needed to encourage community engagement and collaboration between departments and students. There were private offices for faculty and staff, conference rooms, classrooms and an 80 seat auditorium designed and furnished.

MultiGeneration by Knoll is used in the classrooms, a perfect multi-purpose solution that encourages natural movements. This allows students to better move and collaborate with their classmates while also providing support for a variety of postures and diversity so students can focus without being uncomfortable.

“The spaces needed to encourage community engagement and collaboration between departments and students.”

EWC Pro Side Chairs are used in the private conference rooms, an ergonomic solution with traditional styling yet multiple design options to fit any space.

For the collaborative meeting areas, COPH chose a variety of Knoll furniture options to suit multiple needs for the space. There are practical Moment chairs with cantilevered form and the option to stack and store to open the space for other needs.

For aesthetics and comfort, Saarinen Womb Chairs were also placed in the meeting areas. The chairs feel like “a basket full of pillows” with a fiberglass design to support multiple postures. To complement the womb chairs, Saarinen Side Tables were paired for their innovative pedestal design, perfect for laptops, a textbook or simply a drink and snack between classes.

Lastly, the cafe is furnished with Saarinen Dining Tables with the same eye-catching pedestal design. Spark Chairs were chosen to match the dining tables for comfort and flattering dining design when paired with the tables.