INDUSTRY Construction
YEAR 2017

Kiewit Corporation has been a national leader in construction since the late 19th century. By working hard to educate its employees, Kiewit has been able to retain its staff and help the company grow. As part of its education program, Kiewit developed Kiewit University. In early 2017, Spaces, Inc. won the bid to update the 60,000 square foot educational facility and provide a modern and collaborative space for the over 300 Kiewit employees who would use the educational space each day.

Spaces showcased its design expertise in a wide variety of areas on this project. Kiewit University needed updates made to areas from large auditoriums and hallways to private offices and learning labs. By working closely with Kiewit executives, Spaces was able to plan, design and execute the project all while following a strict timeline.

With the goal of technological integration and collaboration, Spaces utilized a wide selection of Knoll furniture. The furnishings were selected because they provide a modern aesthetic while featuring the newest ergonomic technologies. Spaces worked with the architectural specialists at RNL Design who utilized their unique eye for educational design to finalize structural aspects of the project.

While the project required an extremely high level of skill and experience, Kiewit Corporation knew that Spaces was prepared to handle the job. Spaces has worked with Kiewit on multiple occasions in the past and the projects have always resulted in success. Alan Lincoln, real estate manager at Kiewit, said, “Spaces has been a vital part of our furniture procurement process for a number of years now. From the outset of a project, the Spaces team approaches our projects with a high degree of professionalism, combining sales, design, project management and installation team members to meet our expectations.”

The partnership with Kiewit has also shown the firm’s ability to manage both large and small scale projects. Lincoln said, “Kiewit has a number of small offices which often require small orders. We find, however, no matter the size of the project, the Spaces team approaches our projects with the same level of attention. This is rare in our business. Many vendors chase the big jobs. Our organization is also extremely time and cost sensitive and we find the Spaces team to pay particular attention to both. They approach each project with a process we can count on and the attention to detail that we expect.”

Spaces, Inc. had a great experience working with Kiewit Corporation and we look forward to turning your workspace design visions into reality. If you want to create a unique office for your employees and customers, call us at (913) 894-8900 today!