CLIENT Kansas City VA Medical Center

YEAR 2017


The frenzied nature of hospitals and clinics means that healthcare workspaces need to be flexible, efficient and technologically integrated. Spaces, Inc. utilized every aspect of its design and planning capabilities to outfit the sleep lab at the Kansas City Veterans Association (VA) Medical Center with technology and adaptable furnishings. Spaces, Inc. partnered with the healthcare solutions specialists at DIRTT, to bring this vision to life.

By working closely with the team at the Kansas City VA Medical Center, Spaces, Inc. was able to utilize all of its creative and design talents to develop an aesthetically pleasing and functional design. The client needed to find a way to create a feeling of warmth while still being able to modify the room to meet the various needs of its medical providers.

One of the best features of the redesign was the integration of the Murphy Wall-Bed. When not in use by a patient, the Murphy bed can fold back into the wall, which creates space and provides shelving that can be used by the physician or anyone else who needs to use the room.

Spaces, Inc., along with DIRTT, was able to create a vibrant, unique space that can be adapted to meet the needs of anyone occupying the area.
Spaces, Inc. welcomes all clients and any design challenge they may present. Our unique and talented team loved working with the Kansas City VA Medical Center. To design your new space with Spaces, Inc., call us at (913) 894-8900 today!