INDUSTRY Advertising

YEAR 2017


Since 1987, GlynnDevins has been focused on building community occupancy, delivering effective marketing solutions for industry leaders, stand-alone communities, multi-community systems and more. This past spring, Spaces had the opportunity to bid on the GlynnDevins project and was awarded based on furniture value and by applying the product in a way that fulfilled the design intent.

Spaces worked very closely with clockwork architecture after being awarded the project after the bidding process.  Spaces had several meetings with the architect and the client to understand the overall look of the space as well as the client’s expectations. This move brought three GlynnDevins offices together of over 250 employees. We helped blend some existing furniture with a new fresh look. We supplemented wonderful collaborative furniture into a very creative space.

Spaces utilized a wide selection of Knoll furniture. The furnishings were selected because they provide a modern aesthetic while featuring the newest ergonomic technologies. Spaces worked with the architectural specialists at Clockwork Architecture who utilized their unique eye for design to finalize structural aspects of the project. This project also included other manufacture lines which included OFS, Hightower, Spec, Bernhardt and Surface Tech. Spaces, Inc. had a great experience working with GlynnDevins and we look forward to turning your workspace design visions into reality. If you want to create a unique office for your employees and customers, call us at (913) 894-8900 today!