INDUSTRY Corporate

YEAR 2016

Edison Spaces is a leader in providing commercial office space to companies in Overland Park, Kansas. The team at Edison approached Spaces, Inc. with a vision to design an industrial office environment in the suburbs. Designers at Spaces, Inc. worked closely with the leaders of Edison Spaces to create and outfit 16 offices, two conference rooms and two common areas with stylish and functional furniture options. A main focus of the project was that each area needed to be easily adaptable so that tenants could customize the space to fit their unique needs.

According to Matt Druten, a co-founder of Edison Spaces, the office space was created so that companies could come in day one and hook up their computers to their private Wi-Fi and be productive versus spending two months trying to get their office set up. “It’s a brand new concept, a brand new space, so this is our pilot location. We knew we needed furniture, desks, chairs, etc. We had a couple people recommend that we talk to Spaces, and we literally walked in there and met with Nicole and her team.”

Druten told the Spaces team that their group didn’t know what they were doing, but knew they needed furniture. “We said we had no idea what we’re doing. We need furniture, and they came with a ton of options. They said, ‘What is the look you’re going for and brand you are trying to develop?’ We explained our concept to them, and they were able to come back and say, ‘Here’s our recommendation.’ They let us select what we wanted and pushed back when they thought we were going down the wrong path, but ultimately we gave them control of the selections.”

To create the industrial ambiance, Spaces, Inc. partnered with architecture specialists at Gastinger & Walker who helped finish the final accents for the space. Their keen eye for unique materials and distinct layouts were further enhanced with the utilization of Knoll furnishings. The ability to bring a rustic and industrial feel, for an economical price, helps to distinguish Edison Spaces from other office providers in the Kansas City area.


The end result exceed Druten’s expectations. “From our position its tenfold what our expectations were. We had a budget, and we wanted to keep the price down on the office rentals. We didn’t expect to get this broad, higher quality set of diverse furniture that we could use to accomplish the look and feel. The people who have walked in and toured the space say, ‘Wow, this is not what we expected in this building and not what we expected this office to look like at the rate you’re charging.’ We’re very happy with the product, look and feel. It was Spaces who brought that to the table for us.”
Spaces, Inc. had a great experience working with Edison Spaces and looks forward to turning company workspace design visions into reality. If you want to create a unique office for your employees and customers, call us at (913) 894-8900 today!