Last November, the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) approached Spaces, Inc. to help design their Center for Academic Achievement (CAA). The 32 million dollar project is slated to be completed late 2017.

The building itself, which is situated on the site of the former Antioch Middle School, was designed by ACI Boland and built by JE Dunn. The space holds 54 private offices, three conference rooms, seven phone rooms and collaborative work spaces to facilitate learning, creativity and collaboration.

The project was conceived to consolidate the school district’s administrative operations and student programming. The east wing of the site will house a new culinary arts program, a video production studio and a biotechnology lab, among other programs.

The west wing will be utilized primarily for administrative functions; there will be conference rooms, office space and an atrium for small presentations. By reorganizing the administration into one building, SMSD hopes to facilitate communication.

The new addition will also be one of the most green facilities in the district. The CAA will include extensive natural lighting, a rain garden and an efficient HVAC system. A student-run restaurant will be open to the public, along with a urban farm and indoor living wall that will be maintained by students and instructors at the culinary arts program.