In 2015, Spaces, Inc. won the bid to design a space for the Douglas County Public Works and Zoning Department. This $250,000 renovation brought the Public Works and Zoning Department under the same roof as the Operations Department, a task which had never been done before.

The space holds 22 workstations,16 private offices and two conference rooms complete with Surfacetech tables and Global seating. From start to finish, members of the Spaces team worked closely with the county to ensure that the best options were put into place. A number of meetings were held to ensure that budget constraints and vital storage needs were handled appropriately.

The space was built with technological integration in mind, fully equipped with Knoll furniture, Surfacetech tables and global seating. In total, 64 Global chairs, 32 Knoll training tables, 22 Knoll workstation tables and eight Surfacetech break room tables were installed in order to maximize collaboration across departments.

Spaces, Inc. had a great experience working with the Douglas County Public Works and Zoning Department and we look forward to turning your workspace design visions into reality. If you want to create a unique office for your employees and customers, call us at (913) 894-8900 today!