Designer Spotlight: Eero Saarinen

Eero Saarinen, a famous architect and furniture designer, was born to world famous Eliel Saarinen and textile artist Loja Saarinen. Eliel was an internationally recognized architect and Director for the Cranbrook Academy of Art architect and Cranbrook Academy of Art Director. Because both parents were heavily involved with art and design, Eero spent his entire …

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Designer Spotlight: Mies Van Der Rohe

Perhaps one of the greatest architects of the 20th century was a German-born educator and designer named Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe. According to the Mies Society, Van Der Rohe helped shape and define modern architecture by emphasizing open space to reveal the industrial materials used for the construction. His early career was mainly spent …

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Spaces, Inc. Project Profile: Van Trust Real Estate

The real estate business moves at a frenetic pace and requires an office space that is welcoming to clients. The environment must be functional for the employees but also provide comfort and an inviting space for clients that helps them feel at ease.  Spaces, Inc. harnessed their extensive interior architecture and design expertise to assist …

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Project Profile: Avila University

  Higher education is ever-evolving and regular updates to its design are important to not only persuade students to continue their education with the university, but to keep employees happy. Spaces, Inc. recently combined its interior architecture and design expertise with Avila University’s 100 years experience in higher education for a successful design project outcome. …

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Project Profile: MassMutual- Highpointe Financial

  Founded in 1851, MassMutual group has been helping people plan for their future across the country. Their primary purpose is to ensure a prosperous, stable and positive life for clients. So when HighPointe Financial, a member of MassMutual, approached Spaces, Inc to redesign their Overland Park office, we could not wait to help out …

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Office Acoustics: The Sound of Productivity

  With the dawn of open office plans, also comes the age of echoes. Our new large and feng-shui friendly offices are great for collaboration and teamwork, but how do these open offices affect our senses? And more specifically, how does the sound of an office affect our productivity within it? Impressions Acoustic Solutions from …

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